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Why Should I Consider Guided Implant Surgery?

If you are one of the many American adults missing one or more natural teeth, you were likely recommended dental implants as a restorative solution. Implants prevent the deterioration of bone and muscle around the site of a missing tooth. While implant placement occurs in many dental offices, treatment approaches vary and can incorporate advanced imaging processes for a guided approach to implant surgery.

Austin Smile Creations believes in utilizing the best dental implants technology available. At our practice, this means computer-assisted implant surgery for safe and predictable results. Dr. Tor Gotun, our highly rated implant dentist, discusses this approach with you and how it is used for a personalized treatment plan.

Before starting this conversation, let’s evaluate the benefits offered by guided implant surgery:


With guided implant surgery, Dr. Gotun can see your dental architecture prior to the procedure. A 3-D model of your mouth is created using CBCT scans and implant planning software to determine the ideal placement site for your implant. Equally important, this computerized model highlights sections of the jawbone that are too weak to support implant placement. Pre-operative healing is improved and complications are minimized.

Safe placement is enhanced by the use of a custom surgical guide created from a patient’s CBCT scans. Components built-in to the guides allow implants to be placed only as deeply as needed to ensure they are safe and secure.


Guided implant surgery is designed to produce predictable results. This is achieved through digital technologies that shift the focus from decision-making at the time of the procedure to highly accurate pre-operative preparation and planning. By taking scans and designing implant treatment in advance, implant procedures become faster surgeries that produce reliable outcomes. Surgery for a single tooth implant can take less than 20 minutes, and full arch implants have been completed in less than an hour using guided techniques.

With this technology, Dr. Gotun ensures patients are included in the decision-making process. He provides an accurate model of their mouth and shares projections on the outcome of the planned procedure before it takes place. Patients are given realistic postsurgical expectations for each treatment option as it relates to their specific dental condition.

If you are ready to see how guided implant surgery can safely and predictably restore your smile, contact our office! Set up a consultation with Dr. Gotun at Austin Smile Creations today.


Dental Implants: The Smart Choice for Oral Health

If you have a missing tooth, there are several options available to help restore your bite and smile. The most advanced method for tooth replacement involves the use of dental implants, so your new tooth can be both secure and the most seamless fit for you. If you’re considering getting a dental implant in Austin, Texas, let’s first take a look at alternatives and why implants have become the popular choice for tooth replacement.

Your Non-Implant Options

Your implant alternatives are typically fixed bridges and full or partial dentures.

Getting a fixed bridge involves placing two caps on the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap. These are connected to a false tooth that sits where your normal tooth used to be.

A removable partial denture uses a molded retainer and base that hugs your real teeth and holds a false tooth, usually made of porcelain. You can take the denture out when needed for cleaning or eating.

A removable full denture can work if you are missing all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw (or both). Prosthetic teeth connect to a custom-fitted base, which sits over your gums. Removable full dentures are secured place with denture adhesive and removed at the end of each day.

Problems with Bridges and Dentures

Both bridges and dentures come with potential drawbacks that are worth considering:

  • Fixed bridges are supported by healthy teeth, which require that those existing teeth be altered to make room for the crowns that hold the fake tooth.
  • Partial dentures restore your smile’s appearance, but they don’t do much in the way of improving your bite power. Full dentures can shift and irritate the gums, and they have a tendency to look less natural. It’s common for them to interfere with eating and talking. Many patients notice that they make a noticeable clicking sound, with some people complaining that they also get in the way of tasting foods.

A Superior, Permanent Solution: The Dental Implant

A dental implant eliminates many of the issues associated with bridges and dentures; there’s no preparation of the adjacent teeth, so you don’t have to alter healthy structures to replace a tooth or teeth. Dental implants’ real claim to fame, though, is the stability you get. The titanium rod fuses directly with your jawbone, so you typically get strength and function that is similar to what you’d have with a real tooth. The connection to the bone also means that your implant can help keep up healthy jaw bone volume, in the same way as a real tooth. As a final bonus, dental implants usually last longer than the alternatives — properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

Ready for your Dental Implant? Make Your Appointment!

Dr. Tor Gotun is one of the most experienced and skilled implant dentists in Austin, Texas, with more than 30 years in the dental field. To make your consultation appointment with him at Austin Smile Creations, use our appointment request form or call (512) 329-5140.