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Austin Laser Dentistry. What Are Dental Lasers and What Do They Do For You?

By visiting a laser dentist, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a new and exciting technology. We would like to give you some basic information and perhaps reduce any of your concerns.

Dental lasers are a family of instruments. Some lasers are used for surgery ( soft tissue lasers), some to cure restorative materials ( curing lights) and enhance tooth bleaching, and others to remove tooth structure for elimination of disease and restoration, some speed up healing and stimulate tissue growth and repair ( photomedicine) – different lasers for different procedures. All lasers require eye protection. Safety glasses with special lenses will be provided. Family and guests in the dental operatory at the time of your laser treatment may also be asked to wear protective eyeglasses.

Lasers do not make whining sounds or other annoying noises. You may experience the sound of a rush of air, since air suction is often used to keep the area cool and cleaner. You should be able to relax and be comfortable while the dental laser is in use.

Depending on your treatment needs, your Austin laser dentist may use the laser for a long period of time or possibly only for brief moments. However, even those procedures that require only a short period of laser usage benefit from the advantages of laser therapy. With laser surgery, there is a reduced need for local anesthesia, bleeding is minimized, swelling is controlled, and there is usually little, if any, postoperative discomfort. Laser energy enhances the effect of tooth bleaching agents for a faster and more effective result. Natural looking restorative materials for teeth are more quickly cured to greater hardness.

Dental lasers are used for a variety of treatment procedures. Your dentist knows which types of patient care are more patient friendly with a laser than with alternative traditional methods. The dentists using lasers have devoted training time and expense to be able to bring you the many advantages of this exciting new technology.

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Get a Clean Slate for your Oral Health with a Smile Makeover

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wanted a complete change for your smile, you’re not alone. We can help you start fresh and get back both your best smile appeal and oral functionality with a smile makeover at our Austin dental office. Also known as a full mouth restoration, this treatment plan can include a number of different general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, depending on your goals and the condition of your teeth.

Dental Treatments to Transform Your Life

With more than three decades of experience as a general and smile makeover dentist in Austin, Texas, Dr. Gotun can perform a full range of full mouth restoration treatments. Prerequisite periodontal care can involve scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), as well as working with you to improve basic oral hygiene habits so you can the best foundation for a sparkling smile.

  • If your major complaint is damage or decay, Dr. Gotun can provide tooth-colored fillings, onlays and onlays, or porcelain crowns — which sit over your real teeth, offer both protection and strength.
  • If you’re missing a tooth, Dr. Gotun might recommend a fixed bridge for you. Connected to adjacent teeth with either crowns or metal “wings” secured with dental cement, these give you a false tooth to fill your gap. If a bridge isn’t workable for you, removable dentures can address just one missing tooth or up to all of the teeth in the jaw. The king of smile makeover treatments in terms of stability, however, is the dental implant. Dr. Gotun will place a titanium rod in the jaw and cap it with a crown or fixed denture. Most patients find implants to be the most long-lasting, comfortable and natural-looking out of their tooth replacement choices, although they’re not right for everyone.
  • Misaligned teeth can be put into more ideal placement with treatments such as retainers and braces. You can get porcelain versions that are harder to see and notice than metal ones. If you really want to keep your dental work inconspicuous, your best bet is a clear tray-based system such as Invisalign®. Additional bite and jaw problems such as TMD can be fixed with simple oral appliances such as splints, which move the jaw into good alignment or keep you from grinding your teeth.

Dr. Gotun is prepared to address the aesthetic needs of your smile makeover in Austin, Texas with procedures such as laser tissue removal, tooth whitening, composite bonding and veneers. These treatments can make the gums less prominent, fill nooks and crannies in the teeth, eliminate gaps, give the teeth a truly uniform size and shape and give your smile a radiant look.

Get Back Your Smile and Be Confident

For full mouth restorations in Austin, Texas, Dr. Gotun is one of the most experienced and trusted dentists you can find. To get your customized treatment in a state-of-the-art, comfortable environment, call (512) 277-5140, or submit your appointment request through our online form.

Restore Your Gum Health with Laser Dentistry

Your gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. Because correcting periodontal problems are so important, Dr. Tor Gotun is always eager to find and use tools and methods that will best assist his patients. One of the latest advanced in gum treatment is dental lasers – Dr. Gotun is happy to use this technology to help his patients have healthy teeth and gums.

How Periodontal Disease Develops

In the battle for good oral health, your biggest enemy–the heart of periodontal disease–is bacteria. Failing to brush and floss regularly leaves these microorganisms to grow and spread, and eventually, they form a sticky film known as plaque. Plaque, in turn, can harden into calculus as it absorbs minerals in your saliva. Through this process, plaque tends to build up right where the tooth and gums meet. The plaque irritates the gum tissue, which becomes swollen, bleeds easily and fails to keep a good seal around the tooth. Bacteria find their way down into the pockets that develop as the gum tissue separates from the teeth, and plaque and calculus start to build up below the gum line. If the disease continues, toxins from the bacteria can start to destroy both gum and bone tissue, compromising the stability of your teeth.

How Lasers Fight Back

Dental lasers can whip your gums back to health by supplementing mechanical scaling and root planing. This procedure is essentially a deep cleaning for both the teeth and gums, getting all the way down to the root area. Dr. Gotun can use the laser to help remove plaque and calculus from both above and below the gum line. Dental lasers also can smooth out the rough areas you have on your root surfaces so that the bacteria can’t cling to them and build up as easily.

Some dental lasers are effective at reducing the number of bacteria in dental pockets after we finish mechanical root planing and scaling.

Lasers are also helpful in removing gum tissue through a procedure called gingivectomy. This treatment surgically removes diseased gum tissue, when necessary, and eliminates the pockets that have formed in the early stages of periodontal disease. With the pocket gone, bacteria no longer can hide and build up in that area, so the gums can heal.

Make Your Gums Healthy: Schedule Your Laser Dentistry Appointment!

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