Do you really know how to brush your teeth???

Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way This topic never gets obsolete and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is. Proper brushing is probably the most important way to keep your mouth healthy.  Brushing correctly and with the proper frequency can help you prevent problems before they appear.  There are four important things you will… Continue reading Do you really know how to brush your teeth???


Mom’s gum disease treatment safe for baby

Pregnant women can safely be treated for gum infections without having to worry about their baby's health, according to a new study. The concern among dentists had been that treating the problem could cause bacteria to get into the mothers' bloodstream, where they could harm babies' development. Gum disease -- caused by a bacterial infection… Continue reading Mom’s gum disease treatment safe for baby

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You or Your Car? Why oral health is often a key to overall health.

Sometimes it seems that we will faithfully change the oil in our cars on a regular basis while putting off routine dental care for ourselves. . . unless we run into a speed bump such as a toothache. Pain is a powerful motivator, and a lot of us depend on emergencies or roadblocks like that to persuade us to change the road we’re on. But maintenance of your dental health can be one of the most important routines you can establish! Whether you are old or young, good dental care can even become the deciding factor in maintaining quality of life – or life itself. It’s not just a matter of filling cavities!