Dentist in Westlake Hills, 78746, for 20 years!

Dr. Gotun established his practice in Austin in 1985, but he moved to Westlake Hills, 78746, in 1994. In 2014 we have celebrated our 20th anniversary in this fantastic community! Having been part of its history and a witness to all the evolution in Rollingwood and Westlake Hills here in Austin, Dr. Gotun is proud to tell his patients all the stories about the area ( and he knows many!), all the celebrity clients that he has had over the years, all the iconic figures he had the privilege to meet.

Implants, Reconstructive Dentistry

Staying on the Cutting-Edge with Dental Implants: Introducing Platelet-Rich-Plasma in Our Westlake Hills Dental Practice.

In our dental practice in Austin we are proud to offer this cutting edge procedure to our patients. Dr.Gotun personally collects samples of your blood and prepares the PRP during the surgical procedures. It is a great natural, efficient and cost-effective way for patients to get help in tissue regeneration and healing via agents produced by your own body. Currently we use PRP in various bone grafting procedures to correct bone deficiencies, that may have been caused by periodontal disease, in site of previously extracted teeth, and caused by various anatomical anomalies. In our dental practice in Westlake Hills is also used for implant placement related surgeries requiring additional bone grafting.