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A Life Without Your Natural Teeth

You may have missed this video from around the web last week, but if you press play, you’ll see Danica Patrick (famed NASCAR driver and spokeswoman) exercising her funny bone in this stunt that shows the unsuspecting public what life would be like without their natural teeth. It’s something that not all of us… Continue reading A Life Without Your Natural Teeth

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Why Choose All-Ceramic Cosmetic Dentistry?

Treatments like dental crowns, fixed bridges, and veneers help patients get beautiful new smiles, but these prosthetics have historically been made with metal – which isn’t the best for cosmetic benefit. Many modern dental patients choose all-ceramic dentistry to help improve their oral health and the naturally beautiful quality of their restored smiles. Our all-ceramic… Continue reading Why Choose All-Ceramic Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Why Cosmetic Dentistry at Austin Smile Creations? It’ll Change Your Life.

The more I learn working for a Master Dentist at Austin Smile Creations in Westlake, TX, the more I see why cosmetic dentistry the way Dr. Gotun approaches it not only makes sense, but literally changes patients’ lives. And I mean literally. I’ve been a bit skeptical in the past about a smile actually changing… Continue reading Why Cosmetic Dentistry at Austin Smile Creations? It’ll Change Your Life.