Why Am I Having Tooth Pain?

I've spent plenty of time thinking about the meaning of the saying, "long are the days, and short are the years." We are a busy people, aren't we? While the days can seem long, certainly each year continues to fly by without regard. Simply, time continues to slip away from us. Pertaining to dental health,… Continue reading Why Am I Having Tooth Pain?


Sports Drinks – Good or Bad ?

We all are aware of the effects of sugar on your teeth. But what most of us don't really pay attention to is the acid. Cavities form when bacteria in the mouth mixes with sugar, leading to decay. Erosion occurs when chemicals strip the mineral off the teeth. The consequences of the erosion are far worse than decay, because erosion affects all teeth at once. This causes hypersensitivity, discoloration and cracks on the teeth. Serious cases require crowns or even dentures if entire teeth have disintegrated.