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Dental Implants: A Solution for More than Your Missing Teeth

Tooth loss not only negatively impacts your confidence and sense of well-being, but it significantly affects your oral health as well. Healthy, properly functioning teeth support everything from strong jaw structure to a healthy facial appearance. When tooth loss goes untreated for many years, it can lead to the decline of jawbone strength and overall… Continue reading Dental Implants: A Solution for More than Your Missing Teeth

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What is Dry Socket and How to Avoid It

At Austin Smile Creations, we do everything in our power to avoid the complications of dry socket after tooth extraction.  However, dry socket can be a common complication after a tooth is pulled, especially after wisdom teeth removal surgery.  So, what is dry socket and how do you prevent it from happening to you? Dr.… Continue reading What is Dry Socket and How to Avoid It

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Why Should I Consider Guided Implant Surgery?

If you are one of the many American adults missing one or more natural teeth, you were likely recommended dental implants as a restorative solution. Implants prevent the deterioration of bone and muscle around the site of a missing tooth. While implant placement occurs in many dental offices, treatment approaches vary and can incorporate advanced… Continue reading Why Should I Consider Guided Implant Surgery?

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Mini Dental Implants

If you use dentures but still feel self-conscious about the state of your smile, dental implants are proven to work as an alternative that function just as well as regular teeth. But if you’re concerned that the regular implant procedure is too invasive or costly, or if you’re wary of bone grafting procedures that may… Continue reading Mini Dental Implants

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When You May Need Dental Surgery

Many oral health problems, when caught early, can be treated without the need for surgical intervention. There are other times, however, when an oral health problem has advanced or a dental emergency causes a need for oral surgery. Many oral surgeries are less complex and invasive than some patients believe and are often essential in… Continue reading When You May Need Dental Surgery

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4 Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Third molars, better known as wisdom teeth, can cause a number of complications that may warrant surgical extraction in some individuals. If you’re concerned that your may need your wisdom teeth removed, we’re here with some important tips for those with concerns about wisdom teeth: Why Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? There are four main… Continue reading 4 Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted