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Austin Smile Creations Introduces an Interview with a Master Dentist.

There are not very many opportunities an individual gets to speak or even work with one of the best in their line of work. It’s an even rarer occurrence to sit down every day and witness their thought processes. At Austin Smile Creations in Westlake, TX, we have that rare opportunity to not only work beside, but to have a close relationship with a true dental guru: Dr. Tor Gotun. But then we need to answer the following to obtain any credibility in that statement, how can anyone label another as the best? We could very well consider Dr. Gotun’s richness of qualifications to validate such a bold statement. Imagine 30,000 hours of continuing education beyond a Doctoral Degree, a 99% success rate in surgically complicated dental procedures, holding the title of a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, mentoring and teaching some of the best in the dental field, genuinely caring and therefore individualizing each patient’s treatment plan, and persistently reading dental literature. In all this busyness, Dr. Gotun took the time to sit down with the Austin Smile Creations’ team and answer a few questions we had.

ASC Team: Dr. Gotun, what do you think sets your practice and you as a dentist apart from most other dentists out there?

Dr. Gotun: Let me start by saying there is nothing necessarily wrong with how other dentists practice, I just choose to practice differently. I take what I like to call a whole body approach to dentistry. The thing about it is that teeth are not independent of themselves. The body is a system in which all parts have the potential to affect other parts. An infection in your heart will eventually flow to other parts of the body. The same is true for teeth. I look at the body as a whole and how I can achieve the best results for each individual given their needs, medical and anatomical boundaries, and dental history. I collect so much information on a patient through accurate diagnostics that my ability to predict success and carry it out is exceptionally high.

ASC Team: What has kept you motivated to practice dentistry for 30 years?

Dr. Gotun: The medical field is not only a rewarding field to be in because you get to help people feel better and achieve a result they may not have ever imagined, but it’s also ever-evolving. It never gets old. There is always something else to read, try, see, participate in, and perfect. It’s my passion. It’s hard to describe because it’s in my bones, and truly something I love to do. Some people never find that passion. I am lucky to wake up every day and do what I love.

ASC Team: One more question Dr. Gotun, what made you choose not to specialize in the dental field, say a periodontist or an oral surgeon?

Dr. Gotun: It’s funny you all ask that, since most people think a general dentist doesn’t perform to the level of care as a specialist or may not know the extent of what a specialist may know. I never specialized because I am able to practice all forms of dentistry from crowns to periodontal surgeries, oral surgery to treating temporomandibular disorders, and orthodontics to endodontic therapy. It keeps my work interesting, as well as allowing me to provide a service unparalleled to my patient base where they can receive treatment all in one place.  

While Dr. Gotun’s accent can be intimidating at first, he is clearly a dentist who candidly cares about quality dentistry in an industry that claims anything besides extracting teeth are optional. Dr. Gotun is a dentist that visualizes dentistry in his dreams and thrives on perfecting his own technique. Such passion and conviction certainly set the standard high, keep his staff alive, his patients satisfied, and his practice thriving.


Austin's Dentist Standard of Care. Planning in Dentistry.

Clinically, planning is everything in dentistry. It’s what we believe at Austin Smile Creations, your Westlake Dentist. We drive this point home among colleagues, patients and, well, really anyone we have the pleasure of meeting. Planning is the difference between success and failure, we believe. While any dentist may experience success without planning, it’s the risk they are willing to take at a patient’s expense. Planning goes hand-in-hand with perfection in all areas of dentistry, and because we strive for perfection in all areas of dentistry, the key to reaching that is all in Dr. Gotun’s expert planning.

So what does this mean for the patient? Put simply, we give each patient the best quality and most individualized care that can be offered in dentistry. When we say Dr. Gotun tackles each case on a case-by-case basis that’s exactly what we mean. He dissects each case individually, after thorough examination and in-depth diagnostics. Remember all those x-rays that are taken at an initial appointment- 18 to be exact? Or what about the gooey impression material needed to create exact replicas of each individual’s teeth and bite? Or maybe a 3D image called a CBCT scan- Cone Beam Computed Tomography– basically a 3D map of both head and jaw? All are diagnostics, which are part of necessary planning in what we consider our only option at Dr. Gotun’s office: taking really good care of people. Because we care about each patient’s health in it’s entirety (did you know your dental health affects your overall health? More on that later…), we are absolutely keen on proper planning for patient’s to recieve only the best dental care.                                                  

From a patient perspective, if you ask me, there’s nothing else I would want more than knowing and trusting I’m getting the best dental care. Any dentist has the ability to cement a crown, but is that dentist looking at how that crown will affect your bite? Does the dentist look at the way the temporomandibular joints align and possible tension on those muscles and joints naturally? Do they study if a procedure will affect your comfort? Are they using a semi-adjustable articulator to analyze your models before even beginning to plan treatment? Do they complete in-depth research of what will treat the problems and not just the symptoms? This is our standard of care at Austin Smile Creations, because this is the philosophy we all believe in.

Ultimately, we want patients to know what kind of quality they receive in our practice. We want patients to be involved, understand and ask about treatment options. We dedicate ourselves to finding the longest lasting results, because we want to have the happiest patients! For the team at Austin Smile Creations to reach these goals and provide exceptional dental care all begins with proper planning in every stage of dentistry.

A Spring update

Greetings, everyone.

Austin is warming up and the spring is just around the corner. The fruit trees are starting to bloom and it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. The weather could not be any better. As Doc Tor often says: “This is why we live in Texas!”

Since Dr. Gotun’s return from his amazing trip to Brazil, we have been very busy. Referring your family and friends to our practice is the biggest compliment we can get and we are very grateful for your support and trust.We promise that we will take care of them as if they are our own.

Over the years to come Dr. Gotun will be sharing his Brazilian experiences with you, but we thought we will give you a little preview:

This is a photo of a lush landscape in a small town Santa Rita de Jacutinga. From countless banana trees to beautiful exotic blooming shrubs, Brazilian nature is absolutely breathtaking.

There are no words that can describe the overwhelming splendor of the Samba Parade in Rio de Janeiro. Just in one night 6 samba schools ( each of them with 3000 to 5000 participants and 5-6 gigantic floats) pass in front of the jury.The show starts at 9 pm and ends around 6-7 am. The amazing costumes, music and dancing are sure to leave the spectators speechless, as there is nothing that can compare to the grandeur of the Carnival in Rio.

And then, of course a beautiful Ipanema beach.

Tor Gotun DDS – Master of Academy of General Dentistry.

Celebrating Hard Work, Determination and Expertise:

Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France,

Michael Phelps and Olympic Gold,

Tor Gotun and a Masters in the AGD!

Dr. Tor Gotun

We are proud to announce that Dr.Gotun has been awarded the highest honour a dentist in the Academy of General Dentistry can achieve – a Mastership. Currently only 1% of the dentists in the world hold that title. Only dentists with extraordinary dedication to continuing education and constant improvement of their skill and knowledge get this level of recognition.

To make it simpler to understand the implications of this title – it is like earning an Oscar or an Olympic gold medal. The ratio is pretty similar. In 50 years of the existence of the Academy of General Dentistry, only 2500 of these awards have ever been given out. Austin has a reason to be proud of its dental community, as there are seven Masters of the Academy of General Dentistry in town. The dentists that have achieved that designation are believed to have reached the pinnacle in the dental knowledge and skill. The only logical next step for Dr.Gotun is spending more time on teaching other dentists in the country and… more continuing education! As we are sure you know – he will never stop learning!

Even though Dr. Gotun may not be a movie star, we are still very proud! More than ever can we say that we do deliver the best in dental care!

Congratulations, Dr.Gotun!

While taking a break from official award ceremonies, Dr.Gotun has discovered a submarine with a surprising name in the harbour. ( “Torsk”)

Dr. Gotun’s pursuit of excellence in dentistry is largely a result of his efforts to help people. It is the unique conditions of his patients that are the inspiration for constant self-improvement that lead to the invention of solutions that do not exist in the broader dental world. Some of these solutions are so outside of the textbook that Dr. Gotun now has a lot of new knowledge to share with new generations of dental professionals. Many cases have been solved against all mainstream dental beliefs due to the patients’ willingness to try new techniques and their persistence through the stages of dental treatment.

During this remarkable journey to suceed in seemingly most hopeless of the situations, rarely tried by most, much less achieved, Dr.Gotun felt rewarded over and over again. How?  By resolving the hardest of dental puzzles and creating healthy, beautiful smiles on the faces of patients who hadn’t believed they could have them. You, our valued and loyal patients, are the reason why Dr.Gotun is where he is right now.

Thank you very much for being the inspiration and support for Dr.Gotun through all these years!

How is Dr.Gotun different from other dentists? Our philosophy.

Our goal is to find and treat the underlying causes of problems, not just the symptoms.

Although all of the dental community follows the same medical standards, all dentists are unique in their own ways. There is a difference in experience, education and overall expertise. But most importantly, some medical professionals choose a philosophy that differs from others. That is the beauty of the art of dentistry. Often in medicine, there are no simple answers, because no two bodies are the same. It is the same in dentistry. Our mouth does not function separately from our body, and therefore it should be treated as such. We all have physical and personal characteristics that have to be taken into consideration for the diagnostics to be accurate and for the treatment to be effective. Because of this, the approach has to be altered for each individual case. We do not take the easy route. We make sure we do it right the first time. This is how Dr. Gotun practices dentistry.

Dr.Gotun’s philosophy is uncompromised quality of care for the best possible outcome in the long run for even the most hopeless of dental conditions.

Over 30 years of experience and well-known excellence in dental care in Austin and Texas have polished Dr. Gotun’s techniques and methods. He chooses only the best and most efficient up-to-date technologies, materials and techniques that have proven to work long-term, have fewer side-effects, are the least invasive and that ensure the most effective dental care for his patients. Dr. Gotun has extensive experience and advanced training that enables him to create unique individual solutions for his patients. Some of these solutions are so outside of the textbook that Dr. Gotun has spent years sharing his knowledge with new generations of dental professionals.

“ I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and get to work! I love what I do and I will practice dentistry as long as I physically can!” This statement by Dr. Gotun says it all. Think about this for a minute:  What is there in your own life that makes you feel as passionate? You will feel and appreciate the difference this attitude can make in getting the care you need!

Some can consider our practice non-mainstream and that is exactly what a lot of people are seeking, when their condition cannot be successfully resolved or managed by the standard of care. Dr. Gotun’s integrative approach has been very successful for many years and many cases have been solved against all mainstream dental beliefs. Our patients appreciate his philosophy and we are proud that many of them have stayed with him his entire career. We have patients who have moved out of state who still come back annually to have their care here!