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Restore Your Gum Health with Laser Dentistry

Your gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. Because correcting periodontal problems are so important, Dr. Tor Gotun is always eager to find and use tools and methods that will best assist his patients. One of the latest advanced in gum treatment is dental lasers ā€“ Dr. Gotun is happy to use this technology to help his patients have healthy teeth and gums.

How Periodontal Disease Develops

In the battle for good oral health, your biggest enemy–the heart of periodontal disease–is bacteria. Failing to brush and floss regularly leaves these microorganisms to grow and spread, and eventually, they form a sticky film known as plaque. Plaque, in turn, can harden into calculus as it absorbs minerals in your saliva. Through this process, plaque tends to build up right where the tooth and gums meet. The plaque irritates the gum tissue, which becomes swollen, bleeds easily and fails to keep a good seal around the tooth. Bacteria find their way down into the pockets that develop as the gum tissue separates from the teeth, and plaque and calculus start to build up below the gum line. If the disease continues, toxins from the bacteria can start to destroy both gum and bone tissue, compromising the stability of your teeth.

How Lasers Fight Back

Dental lasers can whip your gums back to health by supplementing mechanical scaling and root planing. This procedure is essentially a deep cleaning for both the teeth and gums, getting all the way down to the root area. Dr. Gotun can use the laser to help remove plaque and calculus from both above and below the gum line. Dental lasers also can smooth out the rough areas you have on your root surfaces so that the bacteria can’t cling to them and build up as easily.

Some dental lasers are effective at reducing the number of bacteria in dental pockets after we finish mechanical root planing and scaling.

Lasers are also helpful in removing gum tissue through a procedure called gingivectomy. This treatment surgically removes diseased gum tissue, when necessary, and eliminates the pockets that have formed in the early stages of periodontal disease. With the pocket gone, bacteria no longer can hide and build up in that area, so the gums can heal.

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